Now or Never

I just took a long walk in the woods and caught up with myself. I focused on the moment, my breath, the trees, the air, birds, and the rustling of nature. I appreciated the time of year, and considered the season I am in.

My first thought: These trees are constantly changing, growing, blooming, or shedding leaves, even dying. It’s all part of a perfect plan, natural, ordinary, and beautiful.

It is thought provoking to delve deeper into personal seasons and live intentionally into them. It requires paying attention and facing things.

Recently I was involved in a 2-day retreat to plan my personal and professional vision, mission, values, strategy, tactics. From dreaming to daily to-do’s.  I had to face my limitations, my time on this earth, and what is realistic to accomplish on my long list of ideas to change the world. In one respect, it is getting late. Another perspective is that I have lived enough of life, failure, reflection, and intentionality to have something to offer. I decided that I am in the season of ‘now or never’.

It is now or never to have heroic goals and love like crazy. It is now or never to abandon habits that hold me back and lies that dim my light. It is time to be a liberator in a captive world.

As you reflect on this season, consider your own inner compass. Where are you and what are you guided by? What time do the trees tell you it is? Have you caught up with yourself and looked at your limited time on this earth? What dreams have stayed with you and won’t let you go?

Is it now or never?

Armandee Drew