Speak words of highest impact

Not that I want to share all of my weekend musing about what I did or didn't do well last week, and how aligned I was with my "why"; did I overshare (a typical tendency), and how am I really doing...nagging uncomfortable thoughts? Fears? What am I excited about in the upcoming week? No, I am not going to share that soul search. Instead, I wondered if my week produced anything inspiring or helpful for others. Here possibly is that thought: some of us (like me) have a tendency to be too transparent and have to learn discretion and discipline when it comes to communicating. For this extrovert, my encouragement is to enjoy the thoughts that are meant only for you, and savor them, take time to be with yourself and listen well to yourself; some of your thoughts are meant to change YOUR life! But others, the introverts of the world... I also want to encourage you today. I love the treasure you keep inside for yourselves, especially when I can hear it! Sometimes I wonder what would happen if your heart strings danced with your vocal cords a bit more so the world could hear your song. Some of the big ideas and insights you keep for yourself could change the world.

Armandee Drew