What makes you legitimate? What is worth fighting for? What makes you free?

Recently I have come across two types of leaders.

One leader could identify many areas in his company’s culture where employee’s were missing each other in their communication and at the same time not feeling heard or appreciated. He had a few examples where expensive mistakes had been made and he had lost his cool. But when we began to hold up a mirror to him and lightly tread on his tendencies as a leader, the conversation was too uncomfortable for him. He quickly deflected back to his team and his employees. They were suffering, but it was somehow their fault.

The second leader has taken to hard gulps and humbly wrestling through her own unconscious incompetence. When we talk about the relationship dynamics on her teams, she takes responsibility for the communication gap. When we bring challenge to her to be more ‘for her people’ than she is ‘for herself’ she actually embraces the ability to see her patterns. She enjoys having her eyes opened to the tendencies in her leadership style that are actually blocking her goals.

The disparity in these two leaders lies largely in the area of legitimacy. Example one is still needing to prove that he is a legitimate leader. He is always in some level of self-preservation. Example two has owned her position and calling as a leader, knows that deep down she is legitimate, and so is ready to move on into the business of getting as healthy as possible to be for others, with nothing to prove or hide.

I find myself daily digging down deep for a legitimacy truth, so I have nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and nothing to lose. My truth: I don’t live for approval or success according to others. I seek a lifestyle of liberation. Liberation requires letting go of my desire for perfection and approval, to focus instead on fighting for the highest possible good of others…emptied out to be full. It’s a daily fight.

What makes you legitimate? What is worth fighting for? What makes you free?



Armandee Drew